Ipanema designs have many special features; here we explain some of the basics for the range of footwear you will find throughout our website.


An open shoe, allowing you to remain cool yet secure, with added stability provided by an ankle strap - great for all-day wear.


A higher heel makes it perfect for dressier styles. Their popularity has grown, leading to the designers having pushed the boundaries by producing the highest ever Ipanema wedge! Great to wear whilst sipping cool cocktails by the beach bar.


In any collection, the artists or designers always have their favorite pieces, which bring them the most pride and joy. Ipanema is no different – we have the Premium range for the pieces which are worthy of this extra prestige.


Ipanema’s anatomic soles are designed for both comfort and protection. They are moulded to complement every contour of the sole, meaning that less pressure is placed on your body when walking, a great feature to consider when you’re planning to stay out in the sun all day long!


Unique Ipanema technology allows so many brilliant features, and 3D is definitely one of our favorites! Have you ever bought a pair of flip flops because of the printed design, only to be disappointed that once you put them on it is nowhere to be seen? Well thanks to 3D, this will never happen again! 3D designs cover each side of the flip flop, so even when you put them on you can still see the design on the side, all the way around!

Mould Casting

Ipanema have been making plastic shoes for a long time, so no-one has made as many, nor continues to make, such an extensive range of creative designs. This is possible because plastic shoes are made in moulds, meaning that design options are truly endless. Ipanema footwear gets more and more adventurous every year!


Ipanema go a bit further when adding quality to shoes. Just as other manufacturers would be packing shoes into their boxes, Ipanema’s are given a finishing touch to make them more alluring and special. Whether it is a glittery shine or a matt coating, a crystal or a charm, Ipanema puts the icing on the flip flop!