A thong in its most basic form is an open piece of footwear with a thong toe-strap that sits between the big and second toe.

The thong was born closest to its current form in South East Asia during the 1940s. Much debate rages over whether it was a New Zealander, Morris Yock or an Englishman (living in Hong Kong), John Cowie, who was first to think of creating a plastic version of the traditional Japanese woven soled zori or jonge sandals.Nowadays the thong takes on much more interesting designs but the theory is still the same - a thong-strap holding the toe connected to a sole. Rubber remains the most common form of flip flop however our “fantastic plastic” is most certainly the best!

Around the World

Here’s what they are known by in different countries...

  • Thongs (Australia and Canada)
  • Jandals (New Zealand)
  • Chappal (Hawaii)
  • Qainchi Chappals (India/Pakistan)
  • Slops (South Africa)
  • Ojotas (Spain)
  • Chanceletas (Central America)
  • Chinelos (Brazil)