First made famous by the “bossa nova” rhythms of the 1960s, Ipanema is the most glamorous neighbourhood in Brazil. Situated in the south of Rio de Janeiro, those who visit say it is home to the most beautiful people in the world. Its spirit and soul is drawn from the culture that emanates from the stunning beach sitting adjacent to the Copa Cabana. The stunning tropical sunshine entices the beautiful people to surf and sunbathe through the day and dance in the coolest bars and clubs into the night.

It is from this culture that the inspiration is derived for iPANEMA footwear. Every collection is overflowing with the happy and exotic spirit of Brazilian beaches. The styles are a variation of bright colours adorning exotic and bold prints. The beautiful wave-like tiles of the sidewalk that runs parallel to the sand feature throughout the collection. These thongs and sandals are the focal part of your beach outfit.

Our products represent much more than fashion though. We have a strong environmental and ethical influence that aims to preserve all this natural beauty for generations to come. It is this strong sense of social responsibility coupled with cutting-edge technologies that create the unique style of iPANEMA.